How do I get a quote?

When you are ready to get a quote for your job simply visit our site at www.{businessname}.com and click on the REQUEST QUOTE button. This will take you to a form that will need to be filled out with the specifics of your request. Once the form is filled out and submitted we will send you a quote for your job, usually within 2-3 hours.

We do require a $200 non-refundable deposit to secure your order. This will be paid at the time of quote acceptance.

After you receive your quote, take a look at all the information on the quote to ensure it is accurate. If the price and terms are agreeable then click on the REVIEW QUOTE button located inside of the email you received. This will take you to our client portal where you will be able to review everything, pay the required deposit and accept the quote.

How do I prepare for delivery?

In order to ensure the best outcome for your new {product} the preparation done prior to installation is critical. All prep work must be completed prior to the day of delivery. If you are installing the {product} yourself, these items may not be as critical but remember - we recommend the product doesn't sit on the pallets more than about 24-hours and in some cases, with higher temperatures, the sooner you can get it installed the better. Items that need to be completed include:

  • All topsoil down, graded and weed free.
  • All sprinklers installed, working and flagged.

What happens on the day of delivery?

On the day of delivery the driver will arrive usually between about 5-10am. You do not need to be present for the delivery or sign any paperwork. Of course, you are more than welcome to meet the driver if you would like. The pallets of {product} will be dropped curbside, meaning on the street, in front of the house. Many customers request specific placement of pallets but unfortunately the risk of damage to property or access issues prevent deliveries from being placed anywhere but curbside.

How do I get {product} professionally installed?

If you have chosen to have your {product} installed by our professional {product} installation team there are several things you should be aware of to ensure the installation goes as smoothly as possible.

All Prep Work Completed

The yard must be completely prepped and ready to have {product} installed prior to the installation team arriving. This means:

  • All topsoil down, graded and weed free.
  • Sprinklers all marked
  • Access of at least 40 inches to all areas the {product} will be placed.

Access, Hills, Slopes and Retaining Walls

If your yard has any hills, slopes, access less than 400-inches or retaining walls, please contact us so we can better assess how to take care of the installation. Our installation team may charge more for these types of features so we want to make sure we have a good understanding of what your yard looks like prior to quoting you for the job so there are no surprises on installation day.

Can I install the {product} myself?

Yes, you can! Follow the steps below to ensure a successful install that will give your new {product} the best chance to establish itself and provide a lush, green {product} for years to come.

Prepare the soil

  • Loosen the top six to eight inches with a tiller.
  • Spread two inches of compost (if needed).
  • Add lots of fertilizer to the dirt to help get the product to grow quickly.
  • Till in the amendments

Level the Surface

  • Use a rake to smooth high and low spots so the soil level.
  • Soil should be one inch below the grade of any paved surface.
  • Water the ground thoroughly to identify low spots in the ground and then re-rake and fill in the low spots with additional topsoil.

Mark Sprinklers

  • Mark all sprinklers with flags.
  • Flags are available from any home and garden center.

Place the First Row

  • Start on the longest straight edge of the yard – like a fence or driveway.
  • Place rolls of {product} along this first edge
  • Keep off the {product} as you place it
  • Rake out footprints and smooth wrinkles
  • Ensure {product} is flat against the soil and there are no air pockets

Place Subsequent Rows

  • Cut a roll in half to start the next row, stagger the pieces much as you would laying a row of bricks.
  • Butt each piece snugly against each other without overlapping – tight seams are the key to a good installation and will help with the pieces of {product} shrinking and also help to avoid brown edges.
  • Form a peak with the edges of the {product}, if you push them down and they stay you have the pieces of {product} tight enough, if the peak remains when you push it down you may have the pieces of {product} pushed too tightly together.
  • Use a knife to trim pieces along plant beds and paved areas as well as around sprinkler heads.
What do I do with the pallets?

One of the biggest ways we keep our prices so low is by retrieving and reusing our pallets. After your delivery is completed, our pallet retrieval team will come by to pick up the pallets within about a week. The pallets must be visible from the road and not have left over product or anything else on them. They must be in good condition. If the pallets are not able to be retrieved we may impose a fee for replacement of the pallets. Please ensure the pallets are in good condition and ready to be picked up.

How do I take care of my new {product}?

Caring for your new {product} after installation is critical to ensure your new {product} establishes well and thrives. The following steps are recommended immediately after the {product} is installed:


  • Water your new {product} thoroughly. Your new {product} should feel spongy and should be extremely wet.
  • No foot traffic on the new {product} for at least two weeks while you keep it very wet. Children and large dogs should be kept off the wet {product}.
  • Do not let the ground dry out. You will need to water a minimum of twice a day and maybe up to three or four times a day depending on the temperature.
  • The ground should feel like a memory foam mattress, do not walk on the {product} when it is wet.
  • After the second week, cut back watering to every other day, tapering to twice a week by the fourth week.
  • You should be applying about 1.5 inches of water per week during the hottest months.


  • No mowing or walking on the {product} for the first two weeks. The {product} will be longer than normal for the first mowing. Set your mower at the highest level for the first mow.
  • After the first mowing, when the {product} is three inches high mow it down to two inches.
  • Use a walk behind mower for the first trim and bag the clippings.
  • {Product} can be cut longer in the summer but always cut 2/3 of the {product} length when you mow.


  • Fertilizer and pesticides should be avoided for at least three to four months.
  • If there is an iron deficiency, indicated by yellowing, you can apply stuff to help.
  • When you do apply fertilizer, it is important you read the instructions on the fertilizer several times to understand how the fertilizer should be applied and how often it should be used.
  • Use fertilize sparingly


  • Birds, wind and landscapers' tools from different jobs can all bring weeds and disease.

Other Considerations

Brown Edges

  • {product} can have brown edges after being installed.
  • Keep the seams tight when you install
  • Usually this is caused by not enough water, stress, or sun exposure
  • Increase water, keep the soil damp


  • Mushrooms can form with heavy watering and may appear in the early weeks as you apply more water than normal
  • Usually they will disappear when you decrease the amount of water
How do I pay for my new {product}?

Payment is due on the day of delivery. You will receive an invoice from us after your delivery is complete and you can pay that online via our client portal. We accept all major credit cards for payment.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

It is very important that you read and understand our terms and conditions prior to accepting a quote for service. Please follow this link to read the full document.

I have more questions. How do I get help?

We pride ouselves on excellent customer service and we are always ready to assist should you have any issues with an order, delivery, installation or pallets. The quickest and easiest way is to text (888) 555-1212 between the hours 9p-5a, Monday through Friday or 3a-4p on Saturdays. This number is monitored throughout the day and you will receive the quickest answer to any question by using this procedure. Alternatively, you can call the same number and reach one of the customer service representatives during those same hours. We would recommend a call if the situation is urgent and a text for other questions.